Questions and answers for a job interview for a project manager

When a project manager applies for a job, he or she must also answer the interviewer’s questions.

And well-thought-out and presented answers guarantee a successful job interview for the project manager. In this article, we present sample questions and answers for a job interview for a project manager. Reference: “Common Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers“,

Sample questions and answers for a job interview for a project manager

What was your last project?

The latest project will show what I have learned as a project manager.
Sample answer: “Overall, my last project was successful because the customer was happy with the product, but we had a failure.

One of the key members of my team got an unexpected illness and had to take a long leave, which led to almost missing the final I learned that I always have to have an alternative plan that includes assigning tasks to team members who can’t do them to make sure we finish the project on time and in full. ”

How do you deal with “broadening”?

An essential part of project management is to ensure that the project fits into the initial budget and deadline.

Extending the scope includes anything that changes within the project and that may lead to failure to meet the objectives. My answer will help the interviewer gain an idea of ​​how I manage resources and deal with obstacles. Reference: “Project Manager Interview Questions and How to Answer

Sample Answer: “Expanding is something I follow daily. I once had a large-scale project that involved building an entire website plus apps running on all phone and tablet operating systems.

We had to deliver everything in one year, and the project was for several million dollars. I decided to divide the project into small parts to work on month by month.

I planned weeks as the new month approached, based on customer feedback from what we had already presented to him.

The project is constantly varied according to the needs and the feedback and could easily exceed the budget and time. With strict time management and communication, we managed to realize a complete project in 12 months. ”

What does a typical relationship with your project sponsor look like?

The sponsors of the project are the persons who are directly responsible for the success of the project.

As a project manager, I must inform my sponsor of any problems that will slow down or stop the success of the project.

Sample answer: “Because I believe that communication is the most important part of my job, I try to inform my sponsor as often as possible. I try to hold a weekly meeting with the project sponsor to provide updates. If outside this meeting will be an event that requires their contribution, I will contact them.

The relationship also depends on the sponsor. Sometimes I work with sponsors who are busy and less engaged. Others like to add input and help directly to the project.

Of course, it also depends on the project. Sponsors of large, long-term projects are very involved in the process.

If I have a smaller project, I may want the sponsor to attend only meetings with the client or if I encounter any serious problems. ”

Have you ever had a project that did not meet the deadline or budget?

Sample answer: “I was working on a project with a client and he wanted to add a certain feature to his user software that would make it harder for him compared to the time.

As a project manager, I had to decide whether to add this feature and miss the deadline. or to spend less time on another part of the project. I met with my team to find out how long it will take to add the feature.

After receiving a very detailed answer for the client, I presented the options. – Late deadline for the function. In the end, we delivered the finished product one month later than the initial deadline, but the customer was satisfied with the result. ”

What style of communication do you use with the team you manage?

Sample Answer: I believe that good communication skills are one of the most important qualities of a project manager. My style of communication can vary greatly depending on the situation.

For example, in times of conflict, I tend to be more direct and aggressive. But during a team meeting, I prefer to sit aside and be more of a mediator in the collaboration.

I believe that a strong project manager can adjust his communication style when necessary, and that is something I excel at. ”


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