New certified project manager in the team

New certified project manager in the team

I have been a certified project manager relatively recently, but I have a long professional experience in the field of administration and teamwork has always been a basic condition for completing things on time.

I don’t like having to give explanations like: why aren’t we ready on time, what’s not done, etc., so I always do my best to avoid that. I work late, I’m meticulous and very communicative, when I was little they called me the black station because I didn’t keep my mouth shut. Today, this has remained in the form of me asking a lot of questions. Reference: “Why get certified as a project manager”,

But not like for an exam, but rather purposeful and simple so that I can understand the picture in depth. I would like each of you, of course with your permission and that of senior management – to give me some of your time and tell me about yourself and your field of work.

That way we’ll avoid “I don’t know what he’s doing.” The cards are on the table, my main role will be to control all the parameters of the project, which must be submitted on time and cover the required quality and consume defined resources. Reference: “Certified project managers and project roles”, You are part of this role because, without your help, I will not be able to fulfill my role. Let’s go deeper into what the interactions between us will be. More on the topic: “Certified project manager shares his wisdom”,

Frequency of meetings:

Briefing: how far the project has reached every two weeks, with the agenda as follows:

Information elements. This includes any updates you may want to share with the group.

Discussion elements. These are all topics that I will mainly prepare on, and your role will be to provide feedback.

Actions: These are the tasks that Viet has to perform during or after the meeting.

Reports monthly – each department (Programmers, Marketing, Sales Team, Technical Experts and all others involved in any way) – sends a detailed report on the activities performed, describes the obstacles that have arisen, and it is good to have recommendations for removal of them in the future – because you know best your field of activity. My job is to support you and guide the project in its right direction, with your help; Read more: “The presentation of the Certified Project Manager”,

Detailed report of the activities after each phase/project / sub-project. Its presentation takes place at a meeting of the department.

Emergencies – no periodicity, and at any time when needed. For my part, it will depend on who we intervene according to the type and level of the problem, but of course, if you think you can’t contact me, please let us sit down and discuss the reasons for this – I’m not here to be your teacher but to help you and manage the project with your help. Every vote is important.
Individual meetings with team members – once a month. Duration> 30 minutes. The main purpose of these meetings: you are the center. Another presentation here: “Presentation of the Certified Project Manager”,

Responsibilities of the certified project manager

One of my main responsibilities as a certified project manager will be to control all project parameters, as already mentioned. This means that any omission, defect caused or missed deadline can have negative effects on all parties, even at the business level.

That is why I invite everyone to work together, to be one unit, whose task is to achieve a common goal: Successfully implement the project on time, while building trust with each other, I hope this is a truly two-way process. At the end of the day, we are still human – the “living machine” that controls the mechanism.

My project management certification

Last month I successfully passed my BVOP Certified Project Manager exam (Reference: I came across this project management certification on ScrumTime magazine’s website and then read a lot of details in the American media My desire to study project management is dictated by my goal to develop new professional horizons. In addition, I see in everyday life the benefits of being able to divide and rule. Life can be seen as one project and the individual challenges and limitations are common to both. For every goal in life, to be a goal, not a vain thought that does not expect to materialize in any form, we must formulate it, we must analyze what will be needed to achieve it.

We must have deep knowledge in this, in which we dive, that is, in addition to the analysis, we must also have information on how it will happen – an action plan. In life, one interacts with others and it is difficult for one to walk the path alone. So it is imperative to be able to rely on others, delegate responsibilities, as well in teamwork. All the constraints to a project can be seen as constraints to a purely human dream or goal. We have a limit on the same factors, which are time, budget, as well as how much of what we set out we want to achieve (scope) and how much we are willing to invest as work so that the result meets our desire (quality).

My ability to distribute my tasks as efficiently as possible according to the goal – time is related to my current work, as well as to delegate responsibilities to other team members when necessary.

My communication with other teams and the knowledge of their work, as well as my quick entry into the subject and my desire to learn. Since my work is related to business partners, end customers, and internal teams, I believe that I have the necessary knowledge of how exactly the preparation of a project would go, as well as the course of the process.

The certified project manager is the main communication unit

As I said, I am the new project manager for this project and I will be the main person for communication, exchange of information, the definition of needs, and everything else that would be useful for the implementation of the project and your ultimate satisfaction.

To facilitate the work process, I would like to tell you a little more about myself. First of all, I must mention that you are in good hands – I am an organized person who keeps everything in folders, not only paper but also virtual. Every part of your project will be done with precision and at any time, if you need information or advice, I will be able to provide it to you. I have participated in several different projects, both myself and my team. During the project, joint work between all parties will be a key factor for success.

Your main contact, as I mentioned, will be with me, but also in our team various types of experts will work for you:
Sales staff who can promote and support sales and distribution of the product.

Programmers specializing in low and medium-level programming; Software developers can also be involved here if the project requires it.
Marketing team – which can assist in the media presence of your product, as well as in preparing a marketing strategy for sales;
The design department, which will be engaged in the technical part of the construction of the product;
A wide base of external consultants in various fields (from designers to law firms – according to your needs and those of the project)

My role is to organize and support the right direction of the project, in particular the individual teams in it. When a problem or ambiguity arises on your part, I am your first contact. I will always be at your disposal and I can assist with several questions – from the need for information to what phase the project is, to meeting deadlines. I’m good at solving problems of a different nature – I go into detail sometimes, but that guarantees a job well done. In case of potential need, a meeting can always be arranged with the Project Director, together with your Management Team.

The successful project

I told you one side of the coin – about myself and our team. Now I would like to hint at the topic of what would be useful for the successful implementation of the project on your part.
Most often, we would turn to you for assistance on the following topics:

  • Contractual conditions and sanctions for non-compliance with the project deadline;
  • Methodologies and way of communication in case of a problem related to the project;
  • If it is possible to give us additional information about your requirements, we will be able to better serve you and your needs;
  • Please describe in order of importance the individual priorities for you. It is our job to keep you satisfied with our services;
  • Contacts of persons involved in the project on your part;
  • Regulated access to systems and technologies;

We would also like to ask you if you have a relationship with some specific consultants or third parties that would benefit both you and us during the project;

Preferred way of communication and periodicity for reporting. The standard process is twice a month, through a detailed email report, as well as after each phase of the project, as this is outside the monthly report. Then, together with the Project Director, we will present what has been done so far and what our next steps are, so we will prepare a schedule – so that we can comply with the schedule of your management.

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Regarding the last point, I would like to make a few more clarifications. The reports will be sent by me, but of course in case of a problem or if you need something, you can reach me via Skype. I know it’s an old-fashioned communication tool, but it’s the most reliable. In addition to the monthly reports, there will be meetings once every 2 months, if necessary more often, at a high level between our managements.

I would like to end by the fact that I am looking forward to the start of our joint work. I know that together, we will be a great team. I can’t promise that there will be no problems along the way, but I can guarantee that we will remove them from the track and try to do the best for you so that both you and your company remain satisfied.

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