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SaaS market will ‘collapse’ in two years

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Debes’ cavalier delivery makes what he has to say hard to take—regardless of what side you’re on in the SaaS debate. But the fact is that most of what he has to say is accurate. One thing that he doesn’t explicitly say (though it’s come up in the comments a few times) is that SaaS vendors present a problem to enterprise customers who need to preserve the integrity of their clients’ data. As long as security through SaaS remains vulnerable, enterprises will continue to explore other options.

Why companies go to Agile development and management

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I’m excited to see where this goes, Cinda. Good stuff.

As for Elias’ and Kent’s discussion of “solid requirements,” I’d add that agile conceives of software development as being closer to new product development than manufacturing. What I mean by that is agile doesn’t pretend that every requirement can be staked out at the beginning. Instead, it understands that the features that need to be in the product may not be apparent until the team is well into the development lifecycle. To find out where you’re going, you have to get going first. This is really valuable because it forces a team to make decisions and dive in immediately. When teams spend too long haggling over requirements, they risk letting them go stale or unused… so you can see how the mandate to create a potentially shippable product each iteration is an important one.

Agile’s Impact on Team Performance

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I can’t say that I’m shocked by these numbers (even if the study was commissioned by Rally). What I think would be an even more helpful study—or a next step in continuing the study—is a breakdown of the statistics by agile subsets (i.e. Scrum, DSDM, Crystal, etc.). Having been a part of teams that used several of these methods, I can say that Scrum provides the right balance of defined processes and adaptability to help teams remain truly agile and respond to emerging business conditions.

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