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Introduction to Scrum Video

A colleague of mine, Michael James, just posted his Introduction to Scrum video on YouTube I think is the right length and depth for an overview – it’s not so short as to be trite (or worse, incorrect), but it’s not an exhaustive examination of Scrum either. This video is good prep for people who are planning to enter a CSM class and don’t want to go in cold. It is also good for stakeholders around the company who want an understanding of Scrum so that they can work better with their development teams.

I’d be very interested in hearing your views of this video.

Interest on technical debt

Somewhat random thought: Technical debt consists of those things that you postpone doing that you know must be done. As time goes on, it becomes more expensive to address those thing. I like the idea of extending that “debt” metaphor to include “interest”. With that in mind, one can see that technical debt is not necessarily all bad, just like incurring debt to make a business investment may be a new wise decision. There are often valid and justifiable reasons for incurring technical debt. As long as teams incurring that debt know what they are doing and have the means to pay it off in the future, then it is justifiable and desirable.

Visibility is the key.

Online Scrum Training

Michael James is a well respected and widely published Certified Scrum Trainer that I work with. He has created a very useful and informative series of videos on Scrum. The first of these are now posted on YouTube. See it here.

I’ll post up the subsequent videos as they are made available.