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Agile’s Glass Deck

Visibility is one of Agile’s key benefits. What if there was transparency all the way from the top of the management chain down to the bottom ranks of the development “crew”. Or in otherwords, kind of a glass-see through deck? It seems that everyone on that ship would benefit from the agility or added maneuverability realized through information being fed top down as well as bottoms up.

Christine Crandell explores this topic in a recent article entitled, Why Your Boss Should Also Go Agile”, on the Scrum Alliance website. One commentator summed it up well, “There is growing understanding that transitioning to Scrum is a cultural change, not just a team process change. A culture change requires that “leaders” (wherever they are in the organization – including senior management people) understand the changes, understand what it means for them, and understand the objectives….it is critical to have your boss and his boss (and his boss…) support such a transition.”

Does your boss support you and your team’s adoption of agile? If not, what are there objections? If so, what helps them understand and support agile adoption?