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Everybody Loves Agile

In a blog post on the SDTImes website (“Agile Making ALM Teams Work Faster, More Open”), Jeff Feinman takes a moment to share one aspect of a larger article he’s working on about agile life-cycle management (ALM), but that one aspect is a big one. According to Feinman, as he’s surveyed dozens of ALM companies about how they deliver their processes, ALL of the companies he’s talked to report that “100% of their customers are at the very least thinking about adopting agile processes.”

Though agile has soared in popularity over the past year or two, this is still a staggering update, illustrating just how widely agile adoption truly is. Still, one enduring impediment to adoption is the desire for organizations to implement a tool, rather than a process. Anders Wallgren, CTO of Electric Cloud, explains: “Part of what takes a thing like agile some time to get adopted is, I think, naturally, we want to buy a tool, not a process. So if I hear about this thing called agile, I’ll say well, ‘Where do I buy the agile software package?’ It’s a little difficult to get people to change their processes.”

Of course, some tools are designed specifically to reinforce that process. As I’ve mentioned here before, my team manages its projects using Scrum. Because Danube’s tool ScrumWorks Pro was created with the framework in mind, it complements my team’s activities perfectly, while giving new team members a guide rail to help them follow Scrum’s processes.