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The First Tool for the Enterprise

Finally, it seems agile tools are catching up to the real world demands placed on organizations managing large, complex projects with agile methods—especially those companies who are developing products with shared components. While agile tools have done a great job of connecting teams to help keep even un-collocated team members frequently communicating, the biggest drawback of agile tooling options has been their capacity to translate in complex development environments. For example, it’s extremely common for large organizations to develop applications which are then utilized in multiple products. However, no tool has satisfactorily addressed that issue, making it near-impossible for such organizations to gauge the overall progress of a project, since it includes multiple backlogs.

But ScrumWorks Pro 4, which has just been released by Danube Technologies, has taken some big steps toward giving enterprises the ability to accurately track progress in situations like these. In the latest release of ScrumWorks, its two-paned interface highlighting the sprint and product backlog has been expanded to include a third view: the release planner. The release planner will allow users to define product features at a high level and assign themes (i.e. searchable/sortable tags) to the various products that will utilize this feature. Because programs (or “epics”) are created using themes, ScrumWorks 4 offers highly flexible program management capabilities and, importantly, allows users to configure the tool to reflect their own development activity, rather than work around the limitations of a tool.

If you’d like to learn more about ScrumWorks 4 and its features, head here.