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An Inside Report on the Toyota Production System

I’ve written on how the Lean Manufacturing movement has helped shape agile development practices before on this blog, but I just came across a blog that gives readers an inside view into how Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System, in particular, actually look in a contemporary Toyota factory. Certified Scrum Trainer Michael James, who recently authored a great introduction to Scrum, posted this blog about his recent visit to Toyota’s manufacturing plant in Japan. James weaves together review of the principles that constitute the Toyota Production System along with his first-hand impressions of touring the plant. Balancing a discussion of important aspects of Lean with personal essay, it’s a fascinating glimpse into these principles in action. Highly recommended.

More Recommended Reading on Lean and Agile

I’ve pointed readers to a list of books on lean and agile lately, so here’s another one to consider. Reviewed by Brad Appleton in the Agile Journal, The Art of Lean Software Development: A Practical and Incremental Approach by Curt Hibbs, Steve Jewett, and Mike Sullivan receives a favorable review. However, Appleton takes pains to make sure that readers—especially long-time readers of the Agile Journal who may be advanced agile practitioners—understand that the authors’ wrote the book as a primer for the complete novice. But having said that, Appleton recommends the book on those grounds. Yes, it claims to be a basic introduction to lean and agile, but that’s okay because that’s exactly what it delivers. At this point in agile’s maturity, a solid introduction to the most important parts of the puzzle is always in demand.

Read the entire review here: http://www.agilejournal.com/articles/17-articles/1746-featured-book-the-art-of-lean-software-development-by-curt-hibbs-steve-jewett-and-mike-sullivan