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Download Your Free Scrum Refcard

Because I’m always on the lookout for great materials on new programming techniques, languages, and applications, I’m an avid reader of DZone’s Refcardz series. If you’re not familiar, the website DZone (www.dzone.com) publishes a series of educational resources that tackle important technical topics for developers. They’re short documents that target people who are essentially unfamiliar with the topic, so they’re great ways to get up to speed on emerging development techniques and quickly assess if you’d like to learn even more. Or, if it’s a topic you’re already an expert on, Refcardz can be great resources for educating new team members.

DZone’s most recent Refcard departs from its usual technical focus for a discussion of the agile project management framework, Scrum. It was written by a real expert on the subject, Michael James, who is a Certified Scrum Trainer for Danube, the company that makes the agile management tool, ScrumWorks Pro. Many people have a hard time articulating what Scrum is or how it differs from traditional project management, but James outlines Scrum’s roles, meetings, and artifacts in a way that is concise and easy to understand. It’ll be mostly review for those who already work in a Scrum environment, but, even then, I suspect veteran Scrum practitioners will recognize how well-organized James’ overview is and want to use it to help new team members smoothly transition into life on a Scrum team.

I’ve posted it for download below. Take a look. I think you’ll find it to be very valuable.